The Las Cruces Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is a member

of the Inter Mountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM). We are especially active in issues of peace and social concerns, as Quakers have been historically.

We follow the silent meeting form of service in which members and attenders meet in silence until someone feels moved to speak. We meet monthly for business (hence the name "monthly meeting") and weekly on First Day (Sunday) for silent worship. We have no minister, the meetings for business and worship being convened by the Clerk, who serves for no longer than two years.

We are open to all viewpoints and we welcome people of all kinds.  To view our Minute of Inclusion, please click here.


I visited a great technology and games lab at the University of California. Here is a picture (below) of the active menu in the large hall of the three-­‐story building built by Steven Spielberg that shows off student-­‐developed games. I am touring different universities to study the state of the art in educational technology.

-Karin Wiburg

Worship Times:

Sundays at 10 am


Upcoming Events:


November 10 –13

FCNL annual meeting

in Washington DC


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