Peace, Social and Environmental Concerns

Quakerism is not a Sunday morning religion.  A strong tradition continues that calls Friends to be engaged in actions as led by the Spirit that promote peace, social justice and stewardship of the earth…both collectively and individually.  For Las Cruces Meeting, the Committee on Peace, Social and Environmental Concerns (PSEC) meets after worship the first Sunday of every month.


An open agenda tends to rotate the focus of sharing each month--shifting from peace to social to environmental concerns.  PSEC guides the Meeting in dedication of our financial resources and our encouragement in support of groups reflecting our values in the community and world.  We draw strongly from the work of the American Friends Service Committee, and Friends Committee on Legislation.


A special project of PSEC has been the care and display (locally and nationally) of the Iraq-Afghanistan Peace Crane Memorial that reminds all of the loss of life and the cost of these conflicts.  (See elsewhere on this site for a detailed description.)  We are currently exploring a collective focus of Meeting on immigration and border issues in recognition of the special opportunities that derive from our closeness to Mexico—in geography and in our friendship.


All members and attenders are invited to join PSEC in sharing of concerns, actions, and opportunities for ways to bear witness to our faith.


ECO Friendly tips


Tips on Reducing Paper Waste:

. When printing use both sides of the paper


. Keep documents concise to limit number of pages


. Use electronic or soft copies whenever possible,

  communicate via email and phone when



. Use recycled material paper towels and toilet

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